These foods cause cancer should be Jav Online avoided as far as possible

4. artificial sweeteners

Will totally wrong if think artificial sweeteners had the same effect as sugar. In fact, artificial sweeteners is incest Porn highly refined, leading to massive sugar causes enhanced the growth of cancer cells.

Some artificial sweeteners are used as sacarit, aspartame and cyclamate, ... Sacarit is the cause of bladder cancer, aspartame causes brain tumor, ...

5. White flour

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White flour is not only products made from wheat because it was through the process of chlorine gas to bleaching. Due to high chlorine content easy to cause diabetes, cancer cells increases.

6. Excessive drinking

Scientific studies have shown the link between the drink and the development of many different types of cancer. Excessive consumption of alcohol is the cause of diseases such as cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer and cancer of the nasopharynx.

As recommended by the American Cancer Society, the need to minimize the use of this type of drinking toxic levels, especially women.

1. The food contains more salt

Salty foods tend to corrode the stomach is one of the causes of cancer. The medical experts recommended, 1 who should not eat too 6 g of salt in the diet every day. So, here is the food group should cut to avoid the risk of cancer.

2. Carbonated Drinks

This food group contains many substances and chemical color not good for health. These components are in the non-carbonated drinks do not bring nutritional value for the body but also makes the immune system becomes weak and easily infected.

3. canned foods

With busy people, the canned food is incredibly handy options. However, it did increase the risk of cancer in these foods.

The main cause is in the same material of the casing to help preserve food (bisphenol-A). Studies have shown that this substance type, capable of altering gene structure, directly related to the increased risk of cancer. In particular, if the use of acid-rich foods will increase the possibility of corrosion inside the lining of cans.

Bỏi so, the best way to limit the risk of cancer is to use fresh food for their meals and the whole family.

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