Cystitis by not keeping the amateur tube restroom when "love"

I am 24 years old, married for two months. Before, when I was not married, completely healthy, not sick. But I don't know why, just two months of marriage you have symptoms of cystitis (I go to see a doctor, the doctor said). Do you think my husband is infected, but the doctor said that my life should not be.

I want to know why can cause cystitis. I hope the doctor can help me thank you for advice! (see T.)
T. deep, dear!

There are several reasons why factors involved in the events leading to urinary tract infections, from the work of many people. When there are signs (cystitis urination, abdominal pain, yellow urine, mellow taste... That...), the effect of disease free from friends and wanted to show signs of a sexually transmitted disease, rather than cystitis. Many women think that sex is natural cystitis after things, blame friend sent to my patient.

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Cystitis is not conservative, "love" a toilet
One of the reasons lead to cystitis, women are not before and after the health of life caused by. Examples of image

In fact, this is mainly due to poor health, before and after sexual life caused by. The relationship can influence development mechanism from three cystitis:
Urethral is stretched in mucosal inflammation, so easily infected with these bacteria in the vaginal entrance.

Vaginal ecosystem bacteria can no longer be material normal urethral mucosa irritation.
- the excitability of the free state let the woman endorphin secretion substance, this substance has hurt local immunity. Therefore, bacteria easily penetrated, have the opportunity to further inflammation leading to vaginal infection.

Construction of the genitourinary system - women's complex. The urethra, short path, so the woman in the anal region of urinary pathogens are usually easy to move to the bladder. So, if you don't keep Restroom before and after the "relationship", the bacteria will push deep when you have the opportunity to "relationship" in the vagina, resulting from its state of vaginal infection and bladder.

In order to prevent cystitis, you need to pay attention to the following:
Drink enough water every day, drink two liters of water from 1.5 to help the body excrete urine in good condition, to avoid the backlog in the bladder.
I can not help but want to pee pee: uneven, will cause the backlog too long, because the urine in the bladder.

I pee phenomenon: if you see Painful cystitis, "love", you should because urine will help eliminate harmful bacteria in living in the urethra.
I wish you health and happiness!

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