In active duty, TOP (Big Bang) was investigated amateurs gone wild for smoking marijuana

Information about the singer being investigated by Seoul police for drug use behavior is causing his fans around the world to panic.

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On Day 1.6, Seoul Police Station, South Korea said Big Bang singer TOP was investigated for illegal use of marijuana.
According to police interracial Porn reports, the male singer is said to have used cannabis with a friend at his home in October. After investigation, the police decided to summon the singer to clarify the incident. The agency confirmed that they used TOP's hair samples for drug testing and positive results.
The police transferred the case to the Prosecutor's Office in April, 1977, to prosecute TOP for using illegal drugs. Meanwhile, TOP is still in the process of performing military service. He enlisted in February last.

At the side of the management bokep jav company of male singer YG Entertainment confirmed the incident and sent a formal apology to the public via Sports Donga, which read, "First we want to apologize. After the exchange, we learned that Choi Seung Hyun (TOP's real name) actually acknowledged the investigation of the use of marijuana in the investigation. Again, we apologize profoundly for bringing all the fans into trouble after the incident. present".

However, according to another source from Soompi, during the investigation , TOP denounced the accusation . "I just smoke cigarettes and do not even know this is marijuana," the singer told the police.
Two inconsistent information streams from YG Entertainment and local newspapers are making fans confused.
This is not the first time that Big Bang members have been involved in drug-related scandals. In particular, leader  G-Dragon is a frequent occurrence on the newspaper with articles related to smoking marijuana.

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